EZ AZ Traffic School instructor Mrs. Schwartz knows how to capture the student's attention. She is excellent and one of the best teachers I have ever had.

U. S. Army Ret. E. Carrillo


Instructor: Lori Winans

You were awesome-great!

I learned a lot from you. Gracias!

Amalia F., Tucson


Instructor: Dave Downing

Instructor was excellent!

Wes H., Wickenburg


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

Overall Class and Instructor were EXCELLENT

Instructor presented very knowledgeably, really stuck with me when he added his extra tidbits of info, Thank You

Gabie D.


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

I attended class at the Doubletree on Saturday. John Paul was my instructor and was excellent. Kept your attention and time went by easy and we learned stuff which is nice.

Karen H.


Good Day: Due to this being the first time that I used online traffic school and was unfamiliar with the timeframes for processing; I made a special request to turn around the approval process, so I could meet my 7 day completion requirement. Your staff did so promptly, professionally and courteously.

They went above and beyond the call of duty and I cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation! The course was very easy to use and complete. Juggling three kids, work (including overtime) and other obligations - your course and staff have taken the worry and concern off my shoulders. Please let your top managers know what an outstanding job everyone has done and I will let others know to use your service.

Lilia B


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

J. P. made the class entertaining and interesting. He added humor and excellent example stories.

Andrea P.


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

I was skeptical at first but J. P. made the class Educational, Interesting and Fun.

Patrick L.


On Saturday the 2nd I went to the driving school at the Hampton Inn in Show Low, Arizona. Found it to be very educational. The gentleman who I believe name is Edward. Hope I am right on that.

Is very knowledgeable in driving education. Brought out some great points. I have always told folks that common since goes a long way to avoid trouble with other drivers. After all there are a lot of idiot drivers who think they own the road.

I am 75 and will make this my only ticket till I have to hang them up.

Carl Day


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

J. P. made the class very meaningful and imparted a real sense of the importance. He is an exemplary instructor.

Roberta R.


Instructor: Felix Villanueva

Felix's personality made the class fun and getting through the information almost entertaining. His delivery helped touch on important laws in ways that were practical and informative. The time flew by! good job Felix!

Thank you!


You made a difference in my daily driving.

Thank you

Christian C.

Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

Overall Class and Instructor were EXCELLENT

Thank you! I learned many things today


It is so nice to talk to someone! I've been trying for an hour to reach someone and all I could get is answering machines

Gertrude H.,
Green Valley


Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

Overall, the class was: Excellent

Overall, the instructor was: Excellent

The instructor, John Paul, has an incredible fund of knowledge. He made the course not only extremely informative, but also enjoyable.

I would pay double to have JP as my instructor.

Robert C., MD

Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

Overall Class and Instructor were EXCELLENT

I really enjoyed this class! Our instructor is very educated on what he's talking about. He is very down to earth and brings fun back to the classroom

Nathaniel H.


Glad I took the class. It was a learning experience!

Carmin G., Tucson

Instructor: Lori Winans

Warm, friendly, kind, articulate, a joy. She should be in an online video course.

Gary S., Tucson

Instructor: John Paul Gigicon

One of your students today, a student, who describes himself as the "80-year-old fat guy with a bald head", telephoned the office asking for your boss just to say you are a great instructor.

He says he went into class today with the attitude 'there was nothing for me to learn ', but quickly realized otherwise.

He says you were informative, humorous at the right times and serious at the right times.

Bottom line is he enjoyed your class, learned a few things and felt the class was well worth the money.

M Powell, Tucson